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The Price of vehicles listed on Website is the FOB Price.
FOB Price does not include Ocean Freight, Marine Insurance Fee and any other costs.
To get the total price, you will need to select your country and port and select the availability of other options on the vehicle details page.
Yes, all the cars have been tested. We only stock good quality cars.


Payment can only be made through bank transfer.
We only accept payments in US dollars.
We basically accept one-time payment. But it depends on your situation. Please feel free to contact us via chat.
The buyer is responsible for the bank transfer fee.


After confirming your payment, we will start booking for the shipping company.
These changes are dependent on the circumstances of the shipping company, and SBI Motor Japan is 100% affected by these changes. In addition, it is very unstable due to COVID-19 these days. This is equal for all buyers.
We only carry to your nearest port. You have to drive yourself or ask the local shipping agent.


We are a group company of SBI Holdings, a listed company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, so you can do business with us with confidence.
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We have official agents in Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia, Uganda, etc now. We are now planning to expand to other countries as well.