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What does FOB means?

The FOB Price (free on Board price) in our company website is the price of the vehicle in Japan. FOB Price does not include Ocean Freight, Marine Insurance Fee and any other costs.

What does CIF means?

The c.i.f. price (i.e. cost, insurance and freight price) is the price of a good delivered at the frontier of the importing country, including any insurance and freight charges incurred to that point, or the price of a service delivered to a resident, before the payment of any import duties or other taxes on imports or trade and transport margins within the country.

What is Total price?

The total price is the price of the car at the destination port. To get the total price, you will need to select the vehicle destination country and port of discharge. The total price the vehicle differ from country to country depending on your choice of inspection and insurance. Some countries does not require vehicle inspection in Japan while for other countries vehicle insoection is a requirement to import the car.

Is the car in really good condition?

Yes, all the cars have been tested. We only stock good quality cars.

Do you list the manufactured year of your vehicles?

No, we provide only registration year. If you need the manufacturing year, please contact our sales team. However, we cannot guarantee this information, because it is provided by a third party.

Are spare keys provided?

It depends. If you do not find spare keys in the vehicle’s glove compartment, then they are not provided.

Can I request vehicles not listed on your website?

Yes, we have auction system and we can buy the vehicle directly from Auction. Check the Auction page in our website for your information.

Can you show me what condition the vehicle is in?

We procide the detail specification of the vehicle and pictures in our website. We can also provide the Auction sheet if necessary, kindly communicate with the sale agent.

Can you install audio systems or other parts such as alloy wheels?

Unfortunately, we can not install or chage the vehicles parts. We sell the vehicle as it is.