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Shipment Document / Vehicle Document

Is tracking information available for the Vehicle documents?

Yes, we provide the DHL tracking number after the Vehicle document is send. Kindly check your user account for the tracking number.You can also track your document through (DHL tracking link)

What documents am I supposed to receive from SBI Africa regarding my shipment?

We send the following documents through DHL.

1. Bill of Lading (B/L)

2. Export Certificate

(also called the “Deregistration Certificate” or “Cancellation of Registration” form)

3. Commercial Invoice

If your government requires, we will also send you the following:

1. Inspection Certificate

Can I verify that all information is correct on the B/L before you send it?

Yes, once the BL is issued we upload the pdf document to your user account.

Can I ask you to change vehicle information on the B/L or any other documents?

The information on the document can be amended before the final BL is issued. Once the final BL is issued, we can not change the BL.

Can you send me two sets of the B/L—one for me and the other for my clearing agent?

Our company can send two BL if requested by the client.