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JDM Catagories

Do you know what JDM is!?

What is JDM?

JDM stands for "Japanese domestic market", and as the name suggests, it is a car that is distributed only in the Japanese market.
It is a vehicle that complies with Japanese automobile regulations and is not widely available outside Japan.
Since they are designed to be sold only in the Japanese market, they are designed to comply with Japanese road rules and regulations. Therefore, they are fundamentally different from Japanese cars for export.

Why is it so popular?

The JDM appeared in the popular car action movie series "Wild Speed" and became very popular.
This is because when the movie was first released, Japanese cars called "sport compacts" were in vogue among young people.
The first movie, "Wild Speed," was made in 2001, right at the height of this craze.
Despite their low price, sports compacts had the potential to deliver the same performance as a high-end sports car if tuned.

In addition, the Japanese manga work "Initial D" is popular in Asia, Europe, and the United States.
It tells the story of the main character who drives a Toyota Sprinter Toreno (AE86) and grows up to become the fastest driver on public roads, and many fans sympathize with him as he uses various driving techniques to beat his rivals who have more power.

JDM is still a popular category for car enthusiasts around the world.
Why don't you take this opportunity to experience the charm of JDM?
We hope that your car life will be filled with more fun.

Are you interested in a Keitora that can carry cargo and has excellent mobility?

A Keitora is a small truck that falls under the light vehicle category in Japan.
These trucks are made to meet the standards of mini vehicles and have a maximum loading capacity of 350 kg or less.
Since it is a mini-vehicle, the vehicle price and maintenance costs are lower than those of a regular truck.
Because of its small overall dimensions and wheelbase, it is easy to maneuver even on narrow farm roads and roads in built-up residential areas.
In other countries, they are used for work on farms and as management vehicles in parks and university campuses.
Keitora, which are better equipped than Side by Side Vehicles and more maneuverable than pickup trucks, are beginning to be appreciated worldwide.
Check out these Keitora now, which are sure to play a big role in your hobbies and work!