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Privacy policy

Personal Information Protection Policy

As an advanced information communications company, SBI Africa Co., Ltd. 【the “Company”】offers a wide array of products and services to customers through the Internet using the latest information technology and financial instruments. We, therefore, consider the handling of Personal Information as very important. Learning from recent mishaps and acts of negligence in industry at large related to Personal Information, we are taking proactive steps to safeguard the private information of our customers by building a secure environment as outlined in this Privacy Policy.

Article 1. Acquisition and Utilization of Personal Information

The Company shall obtain the Personal Information after clarifying the purpose of utilization thereof and use it only within the scope of purpose. The purpose of utilization shall be specified in the Personal Information Management Ledger and the General Managers of individual departments which handle Personal Information shall be responsible for establishing and carrying out the confirmation procedures for the prevention of deviation from the purpose of utilization.

The Company shall also establish and arrange the internal management scheme and take safety management measures in order to prevent the utilization of the Personal Information beyond the scope of the purpose of utilization.

Article 2. Management and Protection of Personal Information

The Company shall strictly manage Personal Information and shall not disclose or provide data to any third party unless the Company obtains the consent of customers or unless the Company does so in accordance with laws and regulations. The Company shall lay down and carry out safety management measures in order to prevent divulgement, loss, or damage to the Personal Information. The Company shall also lay down and carry out procedures for preventing problems. In the event of any problem, the Company shall promptly take corrective measures in order to prevent recurrence thereof.

Article 3. Compliance with Laws, Regulations, and Norms

The Company shall comply with laws and regulations, guidelines set by the national government and other norms applicable to the handling of Personal Information in the Company's possession.

Article 4. Response to Inquiries and Complaints

The Company shall arrange the scheme and procedures for reception of and response to inquiries and complaints about Personal Information in its possession and quickly respond to them.

Article 5. Continuous Improvement of Schemes and Mechanisms of Management of Personal Information Protection

The Company shall continuously improve the scheme and mechanism of management of Personal Information protection.

Handling of Personal Information

1.Personal Information

Personal Information means information concerning customers as an individual, which can identify customers based on the name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, educational institution, or other descriptions, etc. constituting such information. In addition, any information which cannot identify customers solely by itself but can easily be collated with other information and, as a result thereof, can identify customers, is also included in the scope of Personal Information.

"Personal Information" is described in this Privacy Policy exclude Specific Personal Information, etc.

2. Purpose of Use

To help carry out transactions, the Company collects needed Personal Information about customers. Depending on the product or service, your Personal Information is used for the purposes stated below.

  1. Achieving the Purpose of Use of our service and business.
  2. Notices of service, etc. to its customers.
  3. Exercise of rights or performance of obligations based on Act of Japan and other relevant laws and ordinances
  4. Responding to inquiries, requests, etc. from its customers
  5. Carrying out operations incidental to 【1】 through 【4】 above and operations to properly and smoothly manage the business of the Company

3. Outsourcing

When the Company outsources work to a third party, we may entrust your Personal Information with the outsourcing party after ensuring that protection measures are in place.

4. Third Party Disclosure

The Company will not disclose your Personal Information to any third party except as stated in Section 2 【to contracted partners】, Section 3 【to outsourcing parties】, or as described below.

  1. We may use your Personal Information upon your consent.
  2. We may use data related to a customer for statistical calculations if such data does not reveal the identity of a customer.
  3. We may use your Personal Information if required by law.
  4. We may use your Personal Information to protect human life, body or assets if obtaining your consent for some reason proves difficult.
  5. We may use your Personal Information to improve public health, to promote child development, or for some other special situation if obtaining your consent for some reason proves difficult.
  6. We may use your Personal Information to cooperate with a national institution, a local public body, or a related outsourcer that must perform work to comply with Japanese law if obtaining your consent would be an obstacle to performing the relevant work.

5. Common Use of Personal Information

The Company may allow common use of Personal Information listed in Item 【1】 "Items of Personal Information Subject to Common Use" held by the Company among the parties described in Item 【2】 "Parties Authorized for Common Use". Notwithstanding the foregoing, Personal Information regarding recruitment described in Item 【1】 may only be used for the purpose described in Item 【3】e. Also, if certain common use is restricted under relevant laws or regulations, such as the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and Insurance Business Act, Personal Information will be handled in compliance with such laws or regulations.

【1】 Items of Personal Information Subject to Common Use a. An individual's name, address, date of birth, contact information, such as telephone number and e-mail address, information on transaction needs publicized information, and other information relating to one's personal attribution.

b. Transaction records, point information, type of products and services offered to customers, and other information relating to individual transactions.

c. Control numbers, such as customer and transaction numbers, and other information necessary for management of transactions.

d. Information on applicants in recruitment of the SBI Group Companies, applicant's name, gender, date of birth, address, contact information such as the telephone number and e-mail address, educational background, professional experience, reason for application, and other information relating to recruitment of SBI Group Companies.

【2】 Parties Authorized for Common Use

The SBI group companies listed on the following website 【hereinafter, the "SBI Group Companies"】. Notwithstanding the foregoing, parties authorized for common use may be changed from time to time as needed.


【3】 Purpose of Common Use

a. On the Occasion of Use of SBI Group Companies' Services as a Registered Member

For personal identity authentication at and after log-in, automatic display of membership information in various situations, and other purpose related to improvement of the registered members' convenience when using SBI Group Companies' services.

b. Execution of Transactions with SBI Group Companies

For delivery of products, provision of services, settlement of price, response to inquiries, confirmations by SBI Group Companies, provision of applicable after-sales services and other purpose related to operations necessary to execute a transaction when a customer is making reservations and purchasing products or services, applying for a prize competition, or otherwise engaging in transactions with SBI Group Companies.

c. Advertising and Marketing by SBI Group Companies

d. Response to Inquiries

For response to inquiries directed to SBI Group Companies by e-mail, mail, or telephone, etc.

e. Recruitment

Personal information regarding applicant's personnel information, including resume, submitted for the purpose of seeking an employment opportunity at SBI Group Companies, will be used for evaluation and selection process of recruitment.

f. Other Incidental Use

For use necessary for provision of SBI Group Companies' services that are incidental to the abovementioned items a through e.

g. Others

SBI Group Companies may use, in course of providing their services to customers, Personal Information for purpose other than the purposes listed in the items a through f above. In such case, such use will be disclosed on an applicable website on which SBI Group Companies provide the relevant services

【4】 Name of the Company Responsible for the Management of Personal Information

SBI Holdings, Inc.

【5】 For Inquiries Related to Common Use

General Affairs & Human Resource Department, SBI Holdings, Inc.

Telephone number 【main】: +81-3-6229-0086

6. Disagreement with Use Policy

If you disagree with this Use Policy in whole or in part, we will not permit you to use our products and services.

7. Use of Cookies

The Company uses "cookies" on some web pages to enable a more personalized online experience.

Cookies are used to identify your computer and to maintain status information; so you do not need to re-enter your information each time you return to our web site. The Company cannot use cookies to obtain Personal Information about you.

For the cookie transmission-receipt setting, the customer may choose from among “Accept all cookies,” “Reject all cookies,” and “Inform the user upon receiving a cookie.” How to activate the setting differs from one browser to another. You should check the setting method for cookies in the help menu of the browser you use. It should be noted that, if you choose the setting to reject all cookies, you could be subjected to restrictions on using various services on the Internet, such as denial of service requiring verification.

8. Notification of purpose of use

If a customer wants to receive a notification on the purpose of use of his/her Personal Information to be disclosed that is held by the Company, we will reply within a reasonable period of time and scope after verifying that the requester is indeed the subject person.

9. Disclosure

If you ask to see Personal Information that the Company has about you, we will first verify your identity then provide a timely and appropriate response.

10. Revision, Deletion

If you want to revise, to update, or to delete Personal Information that the Company has about you, we will first verify your identity then revise, update, or delete information in a timely and appropriate manner.

11. Use Termination and Deletion

If you want the Company to stop using your Personal Information and to delete it, we will first verify your identity then stop using your information and delete it in a timely and appropriate manner.

If the Company no longer uses or deletes part or all of your Personal Information, you may not be able to use some of our products and services. Please bear this in mind before making such a decision. In addition, we may not be able to abide by your request to stop using or to delete Personal Information due to related laws and regulations.

12. Disclosure Inquiries

The Company accepts applications related to Sections 8, 9, 10 and 11 and inquiries about personal customer information as described below. The Company may not be able to respond to your application or inquiry if you do not follow the guidelines below.

---Inquiry procedure---

Make all applications or inquiries by telephone, postal service, or email to the address given below.

You will be given details about how to proceed once you make an inquiry. However, when you use the method below, we will first verify your identity 【or proxy」】; then we will respond to your inquiry by letter delivered through the postal service or by some other method. Depending on the application content, the Company may send you a designated form to fill out and to return to us.

【Reception method, inquiry counter」】

【Verification of you or your proxy】

If you make an application in person, the Company will verify your identity using your driver's license, passport, health insurance identification card, or seal-registration certificate. Documents used to verify your identity must be valid or issued within the last three months. We will also verify information registered at the Company such as your registered call-back number, name, home address, and telephone number.

If a proxy makes an application on your behalf, the Company will verify the proxy using a letter of proxy and a seal-registration certificate of the seal affixed to the letter of proxy. We will then contact you by telephone for final verification.

---Procedure fees---

Disclosure requests require no fee payment from you to the Company. However, the Company will not cover customer expenses related to postage, transportation, or preparing verification documents.


The use of the Website and the interpretation of the content of Website shall be governed by the law of Japan.