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The Pros & Cons of Buying A Used Vehicle


Buying your first used car? It is time to know the pros and cons of buying a used car. We are sharing the survey information from our clients and hope it could smoothen your used car buying process! Here are the lists of pros and cons of purchasing a used car.


Lower Price: The price of used cars is always lower than the new cars. This is a great chance to grab a better deal in the market, you can always negotiate for the last price. If you are into luxury cars but could not work on the budget of original price, a used car platform like SBI Motor Japan will make your dream come true. 
Lesser Depreciation: We all know new cars depreciate quickly, not to mention about the high interest while loaning from a bank too. Buying a used car can help you avoid major depreciation. The value will not decrease too much from your purchase price when you are planning to sell off your used car next time. It guarantees a reliable ride.

Lower Premium Rate: A used car vehicle requires lesser investment on the insurance plan. You will also be able to avoid additional fees like freight and sales tax based on your country rules and regulations. This helps you to save a lot in both short and long runs. 

Older Model: The new models from the car manufacturers are always improved and upgraded. New cars usually offer better exterior and interior design and infotainment systems like Bluetooth connectivity for calls and messaging, audio and entertainment functions including media and apps streaming. 

Unknown History: You might not know the history of the used car. The maintenance history of the used car might not be collected when the previous owner sold the car to you or a car dealer. However, SBI Motor Japan always provides you with a pre-purchase inspection document. You can get a 2nd inspection paper from the local authority in your imported country too. 

This covers the pros and cons of buying a used car. Fortunately, at SBI Motor Japan, we only buy and resell Japanese used cars in high quality and value. That’s our promise! If you have made up your mind on purchasing a certain used car, simply click the link below to register with us and make an inquiry now. If you haven’t, kindly browse our car list to check which car fits you the best! 

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