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How to Change Your Car’s Motor Oil and Oil Filter


To keep your car in its best condition, the most important thing is to change your motor oil and oil filter regularly. Motor oil acts like the blood of the vehicles, it flows through the engine to keep everything performing smoothly. Changing the motor oil routinely could increase the performance and lifespan of your vehicles.

This simple guide will show you the way to change your car’s motor oil and oil filter professionally and safely.

Step 1
Start the engine.
Warm oil drains faster than the cold one. Wait for a few minutes should be enough, do not overheat it as it is dangerous to remove hot oil. 

Step 2
Find the oil drain plug and put the oil pan below it.
Check the service manual to confirm the location of the oil drain plug. Loosen the oil drain plug with a wrench.

Step 3
Remove old oil.
Check the service manual to find the filler cap at your engine. Remove it to drain it faster as air can enter from the top. 

Step 4
Replace oil plug.
Once all the old oil is drained, secure the oil plug with a wrench. Don’t over tighten the drain plug.

Step 5
Remove the old oil filter.
Place the oil pan under the old filter. Be careful as you use the wrench to remove the filter. Use a dry cloth to clean the surface on the engine.

Step 6
Pour in new oil.
Use a clean funnel to pour in the specified type of oil for your car. Do not overfill it. Replace the cap.

Step 7
Start the engine again to check if there is a leakage issue.
Check the area around the oil drain plug and the filter. If there is a leak, turn off the engine to clean and correct it. Shut off the engine if there is no leakage. 

Step 8
Check the level of oil.
Take out the dipstick. Wipe the oil off and insert it back again. Next, take it out again to check if the oil is at the full label. Add the balance of the oil if it is not full. 

Step 9
Dispose the old motor oil and oil filter properly.
Bring both to an authorized used engine oil clearing center or recycling center to recycle the old oil.

Changing your own car’s motor oil is easy and inexpensive. However, if you find it troublesome, you can always bring your car to your local auto car center for the regular maintenance. 

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