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4 Things to Check When Buying A Used Car


Want to buy a used car of your dreams? SBI Motor Japan, the online used car platform is the perfect solution for you. When you are buying a used vehicle from us, here is the list of things that you should check on.

1. Check the exterior condition of the car.

At our website, you can see the clear photos and condition of the used vehicles. All photos are updated and uploaded precisely. The outlook of the used vehicle is what attracted you at first, check the overall design and see if it is what you like. 
Look at the body panels to see if there is any defect at it. Rust spots are a big problem so we already filtered out for you. Double check if there are any rusty parts at the roof, the engine bay and the wheel arches.
Check the underneath photos to ensure the perfect condition of the floorboard, chassis rail, mechanical parts at our used cars.
Tyre and wheel condition are another important thing. All of our used cars come with good condition tyres. Lastly, check the headlamps and tail lamps. 

2. Find the car with service history.

Ask for the service history of the used cars from our agents. We can provide you a full history of the used cars to indicate how well it was taken care of by the previous owner.
Check the date of maintenance. You will be able to determine whether it was maintained on time or overdue. We usually provide you receipts for the car maintenance. This ensures a good quality of used vehicle. 

3. Ask about the condition of all the interior features.

Want to know if the interior features are working properly? Feel free to ask us now! We can check the air conditioning for you. We understand that air conditioning repairs can be expensive, that is why we only sell the best used car to our clients.
You can also request to check other interior features such as power windows, windscreen wipers, signals stalk, door locks and audio system. Check the photos to see the interior of the used cars, find the best comfort option for you and your family. We can also go through the functions of digital displays for you, always happy to help. 

4. The verified car report is your lifesaver.

The cars we sell are pre-repaired in Japan and are promised to be in good condition when they reach your hands. For certain countries in Africa, the second inspection will be done by the local government. 
Upon delivery, you will receive a verified car inspection and other legal documents from our agents. The report also comes with the condition of your purchased vehicle, photos of the vehicle’s original condition, mileage and manufactured country and years. 


If you are in doubt to go through all these progress by yourself, simply contact any of our agents now. We promise that you will be satisfied with our customer service. In SBI Motor Japan, we guarantee to offer you a simpler, faster and more straight forward purchase progress. Start by clicking the link below to sign up and make an inquiry now!

Sign Up: https://sbimotor.com/users/sign_up?
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