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You can get local support in the Lesotho! We offer sophisticated Japanese used cars.


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Our partner companies in clearing and delivery service in Africa will handle the import progress for you.
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Delivery Port in Lesotho

SBI Japan knows your need for perfect used car export services. We deliver your vehicle at the most suitable port for you to ensure you will not struggle by purchasing from us. For the case in Lesotho, your ordered vehicles will be delivered to the nearest country based on your location.
You can pick up your vehicles at the port of Durban and at Maseru Bridge by container. Kindly check with our staff for the confirmation of location.

Regulations of Used Vehicle in Lesotho

Car Age Restriction: There is no age restriction in Lesotho which means you can chose any car from a wide range of stock on our website


1) Import Duty: Approximately 25 % of dutiable price.
2) Value Added Tax: 14% of the import duty fees.
Note : Tax Rates may vary depending on the type of vehicles. Please consult your local customs for more information.

Vehicle Inspection in Lesotho

In SBI, we promise to deliver only the best vehicles in great condition. All used vehicles will go through a complete inspection to ensure the perfect overall road condition of the vehicle in both Japan and Lesotho. If the vehicle does not reach the standard, we will not deliver. No specified inspection is required in the Lesotho.

Other Requirements

1) Cancellation Certificate [both in Japanese & in English].
2) Bill of Lading [Original 1st & 2nd].
3) Commercial Invoice.
4) Letter of Authorization [The letter confirming that you are giving legal rights to clearing agent to act on your behalf].
5) ID copy [e.g. own Passport copy].