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Introduction to Used Cars: Why do Japanese Used Cars Accepted in Africa?


Japan is a country located in East Asia. 

Although Japan is very far from Africa, relationships between Japan and African countries becomes closer. 

In Africa, there are many Japanese cars, and most of them are used car imported from Japan. 

In 2018, used vehicles are shipped to Africa from Japan about 340 thousand, which is about three times larger than the number of it in 2007. 

Why do Japanese used cars are accepted in Africa? 

We introduce 3 features of Japanese cars. 

1.  High quality 

People in Japan handle their car carefully.

In Japan, there are system called Shaken, which is a car inspection system. 

Most of all of cars are obliged to be inspected once every two years by law in Japan. 

The parts inspected in Shaken are engine system, handle, brake, belt, and so on.
Cars without Shaken are not permitted to run. 

Therefore, even though cars imported to Africa are secondhand, the quality is very good!

High quality

2.  Right hand Drive 

Left-hand drive cars are mainstream in many developed countries. 

Countries like United States, German, France adopts left-hand drive car. 

However, some African countries like Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania uses right-hand drive cars. 

Most of countries colonized by United Kingdom in the past adopts right-hand drive. 

How about Japan? In fact, Japan uses right hand drive cars. 

Although Japan is not colonized by UK, Japan learned many things when Japan advance modernization. 

Right-hand drive is custom learned from UK. 

Right hand Drive

3.  Variety 

Japan is famous for car industry. 

There are many companies that produce cars in Japan. 

Competition in Japanese market is intense, and different company make different type of cars to attract many customers in Japan. 

Also, Japan has a unique car category called “Kei”, which is a little small car compared to normal cars. 

The length is smaller than 3.4m, height is smaller than 2m, and breadth is smaller than 1.48m. 

Land of Japan is not big, so roads in Japan usually very narrow. 

Producing compact cars is one of characteristic of Japanese car industry. 



Although there are many good cars in Japan, some cars exported to Africa have large dents or broken engine. 

We want people in Africa to enjoy Japanese high-quality cars. 

Cars SBI Africa have are selected according to strict criteria. 

We do not buy cars which has oil-leak, huge dent, and so on. 

Of course, SBI Africa sells cars with low price. Please check out our website! 

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