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Introduction to Used Cars: Useful Features


You may already know that the fuel efficiency, durability, and horsepower of automobiles are constantly evolving.

And along with that, the ride comfort and safety aspects are also evolving day by day.

In this article, I would like to introduce some of the convenient features that have been installed in recent cars.

1. Keyless Entry

After you buy a car, you probably leave it in a dark place at night.

You try to unlock the car, but you can't see the keyhole clearly, so it takes a lot of time.

This may happen to you. Currently, most cars produced in Japan have a feature that prevents this problem from happening. 

It is called ""keyless entry"".

This feature allows you to lock the doors by simply pressing a button on the key without inserting the key into the car.

Recently, there are more and more cars that allow you to lock your keys by simply touching or approaching the doorknob of the car if you keep them in your pocket or bag, and also cars that allow you to start the engine by simply pressing a button if you have the key inside the car.

This feature would make getting into the car smoother and eliminate the stress you feel.

You will definitely look very smart with no hassle before you get behind the wheel of your car.

Keyless Entry

2.Back camera

There is a fashion of cutting yourself a slit in your jeans, but few people would want to make a scratch on their car.

One of the most common causes of scratches on cars is parking.

Especially when backing up, we all have to be careful not to hit the obstacle behind us.

The ""back camera"" function is a solution to this problem.

Literally, there is a camera attached to the back of the car, and when you back up, you can see what is going on behind you on the monitor.

This feature allows you to visually check the distance between the car and the obstacle behind you.

In addition, an increasing number of cars sound a warning sound or automatically apply the brakes when they are about to hit an obstacle.

Back camera

3.Automatic braking systems

This function, which will be mandatory for new model cars produced in Japan from November 2021, sounds a warning sound if there is an obstacle in front of the car, such as a person or a car, and automatically applies the brakes if the car is about to hit it.

This function has helped to reduce the number of traffic accidents in Japan caused by drivers who look over their shoulder or fall asleep at the wheel.

This is a very good feature that reduces the number of tragedies caused by traffic accidents.

However, it goes without saying that the most effective way to prevent traffic accidents is to concentrate on driving the car and not look away when you see a beautiful woman.

I hope that people will drive safely and not be overconfident in this function.

Automatic braking systems


The three features introduced here are not only available in the latest, most expensive cars, and many of you may already know about these features.

And there are many cars within your budget that have them as well.

I hope this article will help you make a decision on which car to choose.

We, SBI Africa, sell a wide variety of cars.

When you choose a car from our website, please take these features into consideration.

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