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HomeBasic Policy Against Anti-Social Organizations

Basic Policy Against Anti-Social Organizations

SBI Africa Co., Ltd. (the “Company”), in order to ensure social order and safety, the Company promulgates its “Basic Policy against Anti-Social Organizations,” upon which it shall take thorough measures as follows.

  1. The Company has no relationships, including business dealings, with antisocial groups.
  2. The Company, collectively as an organization, shall confront any unreasonable demands by antisocial groups, and shall secure the safety of its responding officers and employees.
  3. To prepare against unreasonable demands of antisocial groups, the Company plans to increase its cooperative stance with external specialist organizations such as the police and lawyers.
  4. The Company shall not accept any unreasonable demands from antisocial groups and shall take firm legal action.
  5. Even if there might be a reason to do so, the Company shall never engage in any backdoor deals with antisocial groups for the purpose of concealing facts.
  6. The Company shall not provide any funding to antisocial groups.